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UAKTI - Péndulo Celeste

UAKTI - Péndulo Celeste



Uakti (WAHK-chee) is a Brazilian instrumental musical group that is composed of Marco Antônio GuimarãesArtur Andrés RibeiroPaulo Sérgio Santos, and Décio Ramos. Uakti is known for using custom-made instruments, built by the group itself.

The name of the group comes from a Tucano native South American legendUakti was a mythological being who lived on the banks of the Rio Negro. His body was full of holes, which, when the wind passed through them, produced sounds that bewitched the women of the tribe. The men hunted down Uakti and killed him. Palm trees sprouted up in the place where his body was buried, and the people used these to make flutes that made enchanting sounds like those produced by the body of Uakti.




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